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Author Topic: NY States Update 9/6  (Read 1625 times)

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NY States Update 9/6
« on: September 06, 2006, 09:50:19 PM »
Greetings All,

I apologize for the tardiness of information the NY States, it's not because we haven't been busy. To date we've raised just about $3000 for this event and we're looking forward to having some fun with it! In addition to awarding the USDGC spot to the top finishing New York Pro or Master and including covering the entry fee and hotel, there will be a heap of cash into the open purses with a great payout for all of the other competitors. The amateur prize payouts will be deep and heavy. Look also for some sweet tropies for the top spots.

But we're not giving it all to the payouts, we'll also be fun with amenities and entertainment. Come in on Friday and check in (did we mention fat players packages?) at Silver Sponsor, The RoadHouse. Hot lunches served on site both days for $7 (sponsor A1 Restaurant's motto: "No one will be left hungry). Take advantage of the host lodging and group up into very inexpensive condos. They're right across the street from the players party. $10 will get you a filling dinner and kegs will flow until they're gone. They'll be a flymart. And entertainment...

Gregg Hosfeld - Comedian, Jugglist and 1987 PDGA World Champ will do some of the most amazing things with discs and generally entertain us. We'll have live music with a popular local group, JoJo.
Rumor has it a Hold'em game or two will break out.

Registration will CLOSE SEPTEMBER 15 and can be done online at www.discithaca.com. I'm writing this from another computer and will update the registration page shortly, we still have plenty of spots.

Hope to see you there,

Pat Govang for
Host of the 2007 WFDF World Overall Flying Disc Championships

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Re: NY States Update 9/6
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2006, 11:32:01 AM »
 ;D pat govang is da man!!...hope it fills up...cmon down and play sundays every weekend..holes 1 and 6 have changed a bit and hole 7 will(?) probably have anew placement to go along with the one it has now...hole 1 is shorter but it is on a slope closer to the pond..hole 6 is being moved away from the "dangerous" drop off..to the right towards 7's tee...hole 7 will have 2 pin placements...the blind one that is the original and a straight shot closer to the crosswalk path
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NY States Lodging
« Reply #2 on: September 07, 2006, 02:37:53 PM »
hi Everyone,

Room rates for the NY States (less tax) are posted on the disc ithaca website. If you're not able to navigate it here's the link:


You'll see a nice array of inexpensive Condo price options that sleep up to 10 people, it's important that you let them know you're playing in the State Championships when you make your reservation. (they typically require a 2 night stay minimum, you can only get one night if that's what you want).