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Author Topic: Wednesday Night League Week #1  (Read 740 times)

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Wednesday Night League Week #1
« on: April 21, 2014, 07:48:16 AM »

The first week of league will be at Clay this week. Due to daylight being stingy, we will be TEEING OFF at 5:15. We will be meeting in the parking lot by the pavillion between 10 & 11, NOT at hole 1. 10$ in my hand by 5:10, earlier the better. No exceptions these first 2 weeks. When we have more light to work with, things can slide a bit. My number is 315-415-3660 if you are going to cut it close. Please don't bother asking if you're going to be 15minutes late, there just isn't time.

 Format is A/B/C random draw, 5$ to payout, 1$ to CTP for each pool, 1$ to Ace pool, 1$ to Course Maintenance, 1$ to the end of year league party, 1$ to the series points which are tracked at http://www.discgolfscene.com/leagues/2014_CNYDGA_Wednesday_Night_League

Ace pool will start at 20$ with some leftover funds from last year.

 Also new this year is that any lady that wants to come out and try a league night won't have to pay for their first night out. After that is another story.

 We'll go over the weekly rules, but since I'm expecting a lot of new players, the most important one for me is no littering. Cigarette butts and bottle caps are litter. Anyone littering won't be welcome back. The park is in good shape because a lot of us have been taking a small garbage bag and keeping things tidy. Let's keep it that way.

 Any questions, feel free to ask here, but the facebook page is going to be frequented much more by me.

 Doug B.

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Re: Wednesday Night League Week #1
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2014, 07:23:52 AM »
Started out a little windy, which really spread the scores out, but I think a great time was had by all.  Lots of new players; Scott Fortin, Jim Lovell, Jeff Evans, Adam Kraebel, John Golley, Nick Cafalone and "Do it all" Paul Johnson from the Haag clan.  Dylan continued his reign of terror from last year with the help of my special brother.  But really the story of the night was Luscious Luciano Legend...he put on deodorant.

39 people showed and the top spots were;
Dylan/K. Bau - 51 - 60$
Nick/Papa Faes - 52 - 40$
Gary/Scott Fortin - 53 - 32$
Gilmore went solo - 54 - 20$
KC/Jim Lovell - 54 - 20$
Spensaw/Andy the workhorse Haag - 14$
Benjermin/Jeff Evans - 10$

The full leaderboard is at:
CTPs were;
A pool on hole 14 was Gary for 13$
B pool was the eldest Faes on hole 11 for 12$
C pool was Jordan Hoopster on hole 10 for 13$

Pat Carney also donated a sweet can of high end car/boat wax and Andy had a gift card for some fondue that was taken by Papa Faes on hole 11 as well.  Thanks for the donations.

Ace pool is at 59$.

We had a lot of newer people which always causes some people that should be B pool to move to A, and also from C to B, so things were shaken up a bit last night.  Its a good sign that lots of people are coming out, but can be frustrating for those people moving up as well as their partners...sorry Nick C., I was horrible last night!

If anyone wants their scores linked to their discgolfscene account, I just need the email address that you used to create your DG Scene account.

Not that he ever asks for it, or even wants it, but everyone needs to thank Andy Haag for all the work he's done on the course.  It is markedly improved from where it was a year ago and most of it was his doing.  I know he had help, but he was the leader. 

Jeff Evans, you have 5$ coming your way.  We'll take it off your tab next week if you make it, if not and you happen to see me out, just shout and I'll pass it to you.

Same time same place next week.  I'm going to be there, but Jason G. will be running things, basically until the end of June.  So please give him some time to get things figured out.