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2013 Santa's Doubles/Farewell to D


The CNYDGA will be hosting the 2013 Santa's Doubles Sat. Dec. 14th @ Clay Park. This will also be a farewell for Denise "D" Cameron. She's moving to Emporia, Kansas soon after this event to begin a new chapter in her life with some dude named Eric McCabe. There will be a party at Tully's on 7th North St. after the tournament. So, please join us for some fun and help us toast one of our favorites with a warm and well deserved send off. We will miss you D! A flyer with details will be posted soon. (Right Todd?!)


Please help stock the Believers Chapel Food Pantry by bringing at least 3 pounds of non-perishable food items. You will save $5 off the entry fee and, more importantly, help put some food on the table of some less fortunate folks in our local community. Please put items in your vehicle Friday night so you don't forget them. Let's see if we can fill my van! Thanks so much for your support!

Thank you to everyone who came out to the 2013 Santa’s Doubles! We had 28 players / 14 teams and we were able to donate approximately 120 lbs. of food and $150 cash to the Believer’s Chapel Food Bank! They were extremely grateful!

We ended up calling it after the first round due to the increasingly nasty weather conditions and the bitter cold temps. We quickly packed everything up and headed over to Tully’s to do the pay-out and the basket raffle. It was a good thing Trip sweet talked Hoop into getting his big boy pants on and coming out to Tully’s or he wouldn’t have won the basket… Congrats Hoop!

Final Scores:
Eric McCabe / Todd Beishline – 58
Dylan Reese / Pat Cady – 62
KC / Jason Guerdon – 63
Matt Forsythe / Derek Savory – 63
Tucker / Mike Utano – 63
Troy Widden / Mike Cupples – 64
Don Courbat / Nick DeGroff – 64
Eric Trippany / Nikki Savory – 64
Greg Hooper / Lucas West – 65
Gabriel / Nate – 66
Pat Govang / Fran Daher – 67
Denise Cameron / Tammy List – 69
Anthony Faes / Ed McCarthy – 69
Nick Faes / Jake - 72

We did a CTP on Hole 11 and paid out the top 5!

HUGE thanks go out to everyone that helped with the setup and the OUTSTANDING spotting crew we had with Douglas Bauer, Spencer Caron, Barret Bateman, Michael Morano, Cyrus Sweete and Doug Courbat!

I hope everyone liked my first hot stamp design! We have leftover player’s pack discs if anyone is interested: Dynamic Discs Classic Blend Suspects, Classic Blend Judges, Classic Wardens and Classic Soft Wardens...


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