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2013 Wednesday League Finale

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ben and I am sure gary will be there

Gary called me to confirm, I just didn't let him know about the meeting place. 

Thanks to all who came out yesterday to the finale.  It unfortunate more couldn't make it.  We had 19 people show up to take advantage of some prizes.  The winners included;

Doug C. - an awesome 192g blizzard condor
Sweet - 20$ of the ace pool
Spencer - 20$ of the ace pool
Dylan - 20$ of the ace pool
Laufer - 20$ of the ace pool
Dave H. - 20$ MSt gift card
Osborn - 20$ MSt gift card
Salisbury - 20$ MSt gift card
Sweet - 3 20$ MSt gift cards

The generous Eric McCabe also donated a nice signed Trespass and Truth.  Spencer won the Truth and Sweet won the Trespass.

In short Chris Sweet won everything that he as able to.

The following people, through their generous donations throughout the season, have a short sleeve dri-fit shirt with the DD logo on the back and CNY logo on the front coming their way;
             Laufer, Newman, Bateman, Assmussen, Carney, Clements, Z, Bowman and Don C.
EMac is coordinating with his DD folks and I'll get them to you guys when they come in.

I also picked out some discs for the most generous people and the following people got;
Laufer - star Mamba & champ Tern (Jason gave a lot of money away this year)
Newman - champ Cobra
Bateman - champ Tern
Jeff A. - champ Gator
Carney - champ Vulcan
Clements - champ DD2
Bowman - pro Teebird
Don C. - pro Piggy
Osborn - dx Roc3
      If you weren't there to pick these up, I'll have them in my truck to get to you the next time I see you. 

Series points winners got paid 12 deep and were;
Dylan - 120$
Gary - 105$
KC - 95$
Ben - 85$
G-man - 75$
Salisbury - 60$
Denise - 50$
Westy - 40$
Spencer - 35$
Me - 30$
Don C. - 25$
Barret - 20$

After all the prizes and series points winners were taken care of we ate some wraps and subs from wegmans.  I'm pretty sure no one went home hungry.  Everything yesterday was paid for by one of the dollars that everyone paid every week. 

Thanks to Barret, Osborn, Doug C. and Laufer for walking the shortened course and setting it up...Jason G. for helping pick up lunch...Todd B. for running some of the competition while we were getting lunch and to everyone who showed. 

I had a great time running the show again this year.  I think adding the iPad in there really streamlined the process and saved a lot of time.  It was great to meet so many new players and see everyone's game improve.  Also, a big thanks to the various people that helped me every week with cards, payouts, checking scores, etc., etc...I had different help all the time, but it was all necessary to keep things moving so people could get home at a reasonable hour.

I'll see you all next April....unfortunately I'm sure I'll see some of you many times before then too.


Thanks Doug, great job.

any talk of league this year?


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