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2013 Wednesday League Finale

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Next Sunday (10/13) at Clay will be the League Final, get together, whatever you want to call it.  Get there as early as you want but at 10am the festivities will begin.

At 10am I'll hand out the series points winners.  With 712$, I'll be paying 12 deep.  The leaderboard is at:

After the series points we'll do some sort of throwoff for the remaining ace pool money.  There is 72$ in there, and I'll add some to it to make it an even 80$.  However I end up doing it, I'll pay out 20$ to 4 people.  An ace at any point in the throw-off WILL NOT get you the whole pot.  That ship sailed.  If you came to league at least 1 night you are eligible for the throw-off.

After that business we can split up and play a round in whatever format people want to play, tags, best shot, throw in some cash for random draw, etc.

I'll be ordering lunch from somewhere and getting some beverages, so don't worry about that. 

If people know they'll be coming and staying for lunch, just post it here, text me @ 315-415-3660 or email me at dbauer@cscos.com, so I can get a rough idea on numbers.

Again, if you can't make it, I will get you whatever you are due.  Don't sweat it.  Sunday is just for fun.

Also, 1$ from each person, each week went to "course maintenance".  Through this, 712$ was collected.  I took 50$ from it for a sponsorship for the CNY Championships, leaving 662$.  We still have about $200 left from last year as well.  Some of the money from last year went to the benches on 6, 7, 10 and 13 at Clay as well as some various hole sponsorships for local tournaments. 

Let me know if anyone has any questions.

Thanks for a great year!!!



Wednesday League Final, Sunday October 13. The list is currently;
 Greg Meitus
 Jason Laufer
 Dylan Rees
 Barret Bateman
 Todd Beishline
 Ryan Osborn
 Jason Guerdon
 Spencer Caron
 Greg Hooper
 Doug Courbat
 Jeremy Bargabos
If you aren't on this list and plan on attending let me know or there won't be enough lunch for you. Please spread the word and let me know no later than Friday at noon. Post here or call 315-415-3660.

Josh Hess
Pat Cady

Wayne Morris from the Town of Clay was nice enough to get us the same pavilion that we used for the Clay Classic.

If you turn north onto Henry Clay Boulevard from Wetzel, take your immediate right into the parking lot by the basketball court that is near 17's basket/18's tee.  The pavilion is towards the end of the lot on the left.  There is a playground there, so if that's an issue for anyone, just park in the regular lot.  I'll be there around 8am to set some things up.

Again, Sunday, October 13th at Clay...gather at the pavilion at 10am.

Call with questions, 315-415-3660.


I'm in .


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