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Wednesday league update.....


sorry it took so long, but it's taken some thought. For mostly everyone, league is over. Just too dark, too early. However, Gary only has Dylan by one point in the series. Since 22 weeks were advertised, I know Dylan was waiting for the last week to make his move. I've discussed it with the parties involved and to square away first place I thought it seemed prudent to pit the first and fourth place guys together and the second and third place.

So, tomorrow shortly after five we have the pleasure of seeing Gary "the denim sniper" and Benjermin "truffle shuffle" Basilio square off against Die Lon "hot fire" Rees and KC "the dragon" Cummings. They are only shooting to establish Gary or Dylan as the overall league winner. No money at stake.

I would highly encourage everyone to still come out and play a casual round or form a gallery and follow the top card around. You're guaranteed to see some awesome golf!

I am still pinning down a date for the league final...stay tuned.

I'm sorry if you don't agree, but this is it. Thanks all for a great season and I hope to hang with you Wednesday. Still meeting in the same place we always have and teeing off as soon as the four show up.


It will be on Wednesday not tomorrow

Wednesday night playoff!!!
 They dueled it out and Dylan took the top spot this year in series points.
Big thanks to Gary for agreeing to the playoff, he really didn't have anything to gain, but the competitor in him certainly came out. And also Ben and KC for being C-poolers this week. We started on 11 and it was tied up until hole #2, where Gary/Ben posted a deuce and Dylan/KC got a 3. Those guys got it back on hole #3 where Gary/Ben took a 4. Gary's 60' putt spit out. Then on #4 Dylan tombstoned a Nuke OS tomahawk about 20' out for the deuce. Gary/Ben didn't capitalize, and that was it. These guys tied all the other holes. Dylan/KC - 48 and Gary/Ben - 49.
The gallery only started with a few, but at one point we had about a dozen people following the card around. I'm sure I'll miss a couple, but thanks to these guys for coming out and showing some support;
 Karl, Osborn, Jeremy B., G-Man, G-Man's friend Kim, Pat Cady, King James, Josh H,, Spencer, Hooper, DeGroff. Sorry if I missed you. There were some other interlopers that came and went as well.
I hope everyone had a great time.
Year end finale will be at Clay on a Sunday in mid-October. I just need to square the date away with my wife. I'll get the word out soon.


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