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New course in Binghamton


This is a message I received from Dan Doyle from Warwick, NY:

Hi Eric.....
i wanted to make you aware of a new course that is perhaps "in your area"..... I have been working with Binghamton University aka SUNY-Binghamton for several years on getting approval for an 18-hole course on their campus. It has been one of the most challenging
design projects i have ever been involved with, due to lots of campus politics, competing agendas, and environmental concerns. Final approval was granted earlier this year. i started the design this Spring and completed it in late June. Construction is almost done.

The grand opening / ribbon-cutting ceremony is happening on Sunday August 25th at 1:00 PM and i will be on campus to participate and run a clinic. That weekend is the weekend students return to school. The school is okay with non-students coming onto the campus to play.  Parking without a permit is a little dicey but there is on-street parking off-campus within about 200 yards of the 5th hole. Getting to the st tee from the 5th hole requires a 5-minute walk.

My goal was to design a course with two tee pads per hole so that it could offer a challenge for various skill levels. However, mainly due to concerns raised by a very vocal and politically-powerful environmental coalition on campus, i was only given approval for a course with 1 tee per hole.  those tee pads are literally being created today. As I write this, they will be crushed stone, hopefully of a mixture that will compact to become asphalt-like. The course is a Par 57 or 58 (i forget now).  the 3 or 4 par 4's would probably be considered par 3's on most courses, but given that the course is not overly long and meant for college students who are for the most part beginners, we decided to refer to those 3 or 4 holes as Par 4's. The course is a good mix of open, semi-open, and wooded holes. The flow was very difficult to make happen as many areas of woods i wanted to use were declared off-limits because they were deemed to be environmentally sensitive or prized as areas that are to remain untouched for any activities.  The walk from hole 10 basket to the 11 tee and the walk from the 13th basket to the 14th tee is a bit longer than i would have preferred but the land i had to work with gave me no alternative.  Holes 11, 12, and 13 are kind of separated a little bit from the other 15 holes, but it's acceptable. Almost all of the holes are between 200 and 300 feet long. The teepads and the signage will be first-class.  TBBre will also be a nice sign and info board near the 1st tee. Baskets are Innova Discatchers.

If the course is within the geographical area of the CNYDGA it would be great if you could do whatever you can to get
the word out. Anyone from the club is invited to come play the course starting Saturday 8/24 and all are invited to come
for the ribbon-cutting on Sunday the 25th.

I can give you the name and phone info of my on-campus contact-person if you would like it. Alternatively, if there is another club or person who would cover the Binghamton area I would love to know that. If you have any questions or want further info, feel free to reach out to me at discgolfdan@yahoo.com
Dan Doyle
PDGA #310
Warwick, NY
845-551-2800 (cell)


All I can say is "Wow"! This Saturday I'm committed to playing Hugh's year-end event this Saturday at Osceola, but I know where I'll be playing a couple of times a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays hopefully :-)  Heck, maybe even lunch time rounds, I work about 5 minutes away.

Can someone post an address for the parking near hole 5 when you check it out? Thanks. This course is a great addition to the area.

Played the course! Some nice holes out there, and an all around fine 18. Already plenty of groups playing, could actually get crowded as the word spreads. Shows how desperately Binghamton needed a public 18-hole course, and how smart it was to put it near the campus. Or in this case ON the campus.

An in-depth review might be premature at this point. It's brand new, and has a little bit of clearing that's needed. For my second round I bumped into David Coury. He was playing his first round and I got to be his tour guide. I could tell he was quite psyched with the hole thing, loved the course. My favorite is #3, a big downhill over a parking lot. It's easy to throw around if you can't throw 150' down a big hill, but otherwise quite fun to throw over the cars. #8 has a surprise ending if you don't scout it out first, very fun hole. #11 is scenic bomb. #17 also combines some length with a very nice looking hole.

I parked in the public garage for my first time. It was $1/hr. Looked closer to hole 1 on the map, but I'll try the other parking areas next and see how they are. Probably parking on Murry Hill Rd near hole #5 for free will be best. Not sure why you couldn't just start at 5 and play to 4, but there are scorecards/maps at a kiosk on hole #1. Dave parked by the #18 basket. I thought he would get a ticket, but he didn't, so maybe after 5pm??? My first solo round with just a map took about 1.5 hours. The flow was very easy to follow. Signage was top notch (HouckDesign), and next tee signs were good. The map is downloadable, along with parking into, on SUNY-B's site.


One thing I have to mention, of course we ran into a home owner on the course. Of course his house is adjacent to a tee box, and of course he doesn't like it there. Right or wrong, is this a given of course design in tighter public areas? Anyway, Dave and I were very polite and promoted our fine sport. Was my only "grrr" moment of the evening. Seeing some nice collegiate scenery was a bonus  ;D


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