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Author Topic: final finale  (Read 1894 times)

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final finale
« on: September 24, 2012, 07:42:43 PM »
Get your popcorn out.

Thanks to all who came out yesterday for the league finale.  Once Gary made the 100mph burn from Clay to Oxbow we ended up with 27 people. 

There was 300$ in the ace pool and some genius devised a way so that everyone had at least 2 shots at one of the six 50$ prizes.

Winners were:
William "Jack and Dew" Sivils
The Pres, Eric Trippany
Doug "who says I'm the biggest loser" Westfall
Nate "I show up 2 times and steal your ace pool money" Gould
Steve "I show up 3 times and steal your ace pool money" Ball

With one of the dollars that everyone paid every week I was able to get some nice AceRun goods and some discs out of the club store for some people that donated more than others.  I also picked up beer for the day and a bunch of wrap platters from Nice and Easy.  I hope everyone went home satisfied.

After the ace pool shootoffs, the top money winners on the year were:
1. Billy "NYS Champion" Sivlis - 201$
2. Eric "roid rage" Trippany - 139$
3. Gary "The 2012 Wednesday League Champion" Crowley - 108$
4. Troy "Show up 4 times, get an ace and be a top 5 money winner" Widden - 88$
5. Steve "perfect attendence" Z - 72$

I have contacted the IRS, so be sure to claim these earnings!

And while he ended up number 6, I think it's important to note that Eric McCabe played 4 weeks and is 50$ to the black.  Having Eric here and having the opportunity to meet him was certainly a great memory this season.  You won't meet a more down to earth champion.  Until Denise was able to lure him to CNY we had to brag about Billy as our champ!!!! ugh.  We hope to see you and Ralphie around for a while.

For those that weren't there, the top 12 in series points took home some cash.  1$ from everyone's fee every week went towards this.  Leaderboard is at:

1st Gary Crowley - 222 pts - 125$
2nd Eric Trippany - 220.5 pts - 100$
3rd Billy Sivils - 205.5 pts - 80$
4th Ben Basilio - 203 pts - 70$
5th Doug Bauer - 189.5 pts - 60$
6th Jason Guerdon - 171 pts - 50$
7th *D* Cameron - 167.5 pts - 40$
8th Karl Bauer - 165.5 pts - 35$
10th KC Cummings - 162.5 pts - 28$
10th Steve Z - 162.5 pts - 28$
11th Spencer Caron - 162 pts - 20$
12th Greg Meitus - 143.5 pts - 15$

There was a lot of movement right up through the last week, so attendence is key when it comes to these series points.

All in all it was a great year and with all the support everyone gave, I will certainly be doing this again next year.  The biggest thanks goes to those that suggested the A/B/C pool format which in my opinion was a great change.  Since we started with that format, a B/B team was in the top 3 every week.  It really leveled the playing field.  Another lesson learned is that we'll probably be starting around mid-april next year and finish up the last week in August.  Fighting daylight is tough for people that actually have a job and getting started at 5:15p eliminated a few people at the end of the season.  We did make it 24 weeks this year, which was pretty incredible.

It was great to meet so many new discers and see a lot of new friendships develop  that probably wouldn't have happened without this.  I really looked forward to Wednesday's every week and I hope everyone else did as well.  10$ can be a lot of cash for a lot of people, but I think on Sunday the people that lost the most made out pretty well with some gifts, discs and extra shots at some ace pool money, beers on the house and a good lunch.  I sympathize with those that have a tough time coming up with gas and weekly fees.  It's a gamble every week and people shouldn't expect to cash.  Everyone that lost more than 70$ took home something nice.  If anyone would like a copy of the spreadsheet with all the earnings/losses, email me at dbauer@cscos.com and I'll send a copy.

Just some final thoughts
1.  Get more women playing the sport...wives, sisters, girlfriends, daughters...The sport is growing rapidly, but with a disproportionate number of men:women.  Try to level the field and get some ladies out.  I know that D would appreciate it!  If we had enough women, we could even organize something just for them each week to take the pressure off.
2.  While everyone that played league, in my opinion, is a great ambassador of the sport, disc golf does have the tendency to attract some scumbags.  There will always be trash at the courses, but do your part, don't leave anything behind and pick something up each round and do what you can.  Bring a grocery bag each round and whoever is at the bottom of the box can carry it.  Do it with a smile on your face and you'll even make more putts...there have been studies done to prove it.
3.  When you see highway department or parks department workers at the courses, take the time to say thanks.  It goes miles.  Being courteous and respectful will get us all more of what we want. 
4.  Remember that parks are shared by everyone and be courteous.  Its easy to get pissed off at the little old lady walking her dog in the fairway, but there's a pretty good chance she has no idea what you are doing either...be courteous and respectful....
5.  Unless you are a full time touring pro, disc golf is a game.  Treat it like one and have fun.

Thanks all for a great season.

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Re: final finale
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2012, 07:50:56 PM »
Also, for those of you that asked about the ACERUN hats, clipboards, shirts, etc., here is Matt Stephenson's website...



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Re: final finale
« Reply #2 on: September 24, 2012, 08:59:50 PM »
Thanks Doug for taking time away from ur busy schedule and family. Great job! And also to those that helped Doug with scores, holding the bags and hat with the minis, filling out the names on the cards and running any night that Doug couldn't make it, thank you too

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Re: final finale
« Reply #3 on: September 25, 2012, 05:01:33 AM »
Just wanna Thank Doug again what an awesome summer I had, Wednesdays are gonna be so boring now(when you gonna get the glow thingy going?). And a very big thanks to Eric,Gary,Billy,Greg,Ben,Mark,Mike & Tim for being my partners and putting up with my shit shooting(hope I can stay C pool next year don't listen to the hype from the other Jason)! And all the other folks from CNYDGA you all rock!!!!!!
it's nice to be important but it's more important to be nice. Go play your disco in the woods!

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Re: final finale
« Reply #4 on: September 25, 2012, 01:22:27 PM »
I had a blast this year. With the little one running around, league night was 90% of the playing time I got this summer. Got my first league ace, my first time playing (if unfairly) as an A-pooler, and two of my best doubles Oxbow rounds with Doug and Osborn (members of the elite 'exceptional B-pool' club).

Hopefully this off-season won't turn into another 6-month hiatus for me, but I'll definitely be looking forward to next spring!

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Re: final finale
« Reply #5 on: September 27, 2012, 08:19:34 PM »
      It was a fun year Doug. Thanks for doing the league and helping disc golf move forward in CNY.

  Gotta thank all my c-poolers who helped me. You never gave up, even when we may have started out bad. It literally came down to the last putt for the whole season. It's not easy beating Eric at Clay (or anywhere, you try it), and I really live for that kind of battle at the end.
Winning like that is Priceless!
 Gary Crowley
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