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Author Topic: Emerson Park: The Back 9  (Read 1469 times)

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Emerson Park: The Back 9
« on: August 28, 2006, 07:31:51 PM »
 Progress is moving along well at Emerson Park for the back 9. There are now tee markers and basket markers for the new 9.
  Here's how the front 9 will play:
After hole #3 you walk across the bridge to a tee for the new #4.
  The basket is about 400 ft away and you have to get accross the water/ditch that cuts accross the middle of the fairway.
 Then the new #5 will be the other new hole on the front nine. the tee is to the left towards the lake from 4's basket. It's a shorter hole but it's a natural tunnel as the trees close in all the way to the basket. The water/ditch is now to the left.
Then to the right of that basket not far is the tee to what is now #4 tee. This will now of course be #6.
 So, 4 will be #6
     5 will be #7
     6 will be #8 and 7 will be #9 that ends at the parking lot.
 #10 leaves the parking lot and ends in the woods (current #8)
 #11 you go to the corner of the woods and shoot out to the open at a slant.
 #12 is an "L" shaped dogleg with the mando clearly marked at the tree and on the ground. It goes straight and then left.
 #13 you  keep going a little more and the tee is up to the right a bit. There is a mando on this hole but it is not "L" shaped anymore. Still a tough hole but more clearing was done on the left side of the fairway and the tee was moved to the right.
 The mando is neccessary because players may end up trying to get to the basket through 14's fairway. Mandos are really not meant to be just thrown in anywhere, or just for the sake of having one. They are used to steer the course in a direction of safety, as is this case.
The mando is pretty far up and pretty far left so you only
miss the mando if you are really bad to the left where safety becomes an issue. Drop zones (for holes 13 and 14) will need to be established for where you would have to throw if you "miss" the mando, because you can't "unwind" on a mando.
 #14 you follow the path and the tee is there and it is kind of a small version of hole #8 at Oxbow. It's a curve so you want throw an anhyzer around the corner.
 #15 is a shot from the woods out to the open and to the basket near the water.
 The water is behind the basket about 20 feet and you can't see the basket from the pro tee.
 #16  you go around the water counterclockwise to the tee and throw accross the pond to the left a bit where the land starts to get a little thin. Am and rec tees are marked and have the option of "bailing" out to the grass or going accross the water.
 #17 then goes around to the right and up to an elevated tee. We will NOT BE ABLE TO USE THIS TEE during soccor games and practice. Which happens only a couple months of the year and even then, not all that much I am told.
 The Am tee is the alternate tee in this case which starts a little bit away from that corner of the soccor field and goes to a basket that is surronded by three water
elements. A ditch to the left, a pond to the right, and behind the basket is more water that runs in and out of the pond. A narrow fairway leads up to it.
 Then #18 will be the current #9.
    Take a look at it and let me know what you think. Gotta thank Cayuga County, CNYDGA, Gary Duckett, Pat Govang, Jim, Kyle, Larry, KC, Don, the sponors and everyone else who contributed and gave their input on the project. Thanks!

 Gary Crowley
 Lead Designer-Emerson Park