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            Welcome to Crowley’s Corner, the place for disc golf players everywhere….

                  Issue #011 is the “Welcome Back” edition of the ‘Corner after a ten month absence. We’ll have some random thoughts on Worlds and other matters, as well as some regular features of the column so relax and enjoy while resting for your next round of disc golf.


                                                    DISC GOLF “QUOTES”

                    Here’s two quotes from the 2011 Am Worlds Program:

                                 “This has been a four year journey to get to this point and has been the culmination of efforts by a dedicated team of volunteers of both disc golfers and non disc golfers. All have been committed to making these World Championships an event to remember and one we can be proud of.”

                                      -Tony Inzana –  2011 Am Worlds Tournament Director

                              “This year marks the return of worlds play to Rochester, the up dating of our world class courses, Rochester’s largest field of players ever, and the most fun anyone can have.”

                                     -Royce Racinowski –     Disc Golf Hall of Fame – Class of 2000


                                                  RANDOM THOUGHTS ON GOLF

          So much has happened since the last issue that I want to throw out some random thoughts right away.

 Like Worlds.

It was amazing to have the Amateur World Championships in Rochester, and it was one of the best. An exciting week of people and golf and events that were done with pride and commitment by the Worlds staff. It was my first as a volunteer and I was impressed by the whole team and the players who made it so special. I hope the experience will last a lifetime for everyone. Kudos to Tony Inzana and  staff and all those who worked on the courses in the years it took to get ready for the event. A continuation of Rochester’s place in disc golf history.

 More random thoughts:

 Another accomplishment worth noting is the 10th Anniversary of the Central New York Disc Golf Championships, a tournament I Co-started with Sam Meggs in 2002. The first year we had 9 players and no pros. This year we smashed the record with over 80 players. Tournament Directors have included Larry Oyler, Don and Wendy Courbat, and currently Eric Trppany. Ten years is a good start for any tournament. (By the way, we’re all 10 years older!)

 Welcome to the Pro ranks for the following players:

 Dan Hastings, Mike Falconio, Dan Sweeny and Mark Peters.

 Congratulations and good luck. Except against me. (Just kidding. Not.)

Some Final random thoughts:

            Clay Park has to be the most improved course over the past year or so. What started out pretty rough around the edges has turned into a challenging and fun place to play disc golf. Many of the water problems have been solved and with teepads, bridges and kiosk, it’s been non-stop improvements.

 Oxbow Falls has added a nice washroom to the park and with the new tee signs installed, it’s a better situation for players and events. Still a great place for quality disc golf, and getting better.

 Emerson Park has also had some improvements to the course and once again, disc golf, along with the parks and the clubs, is moving forward. A good thing for the players. I hope we can continue to cooperate for a great disc golf experience in Central New York.


                                                     CROWLEY’S DISC GOLF TIPS

              AMS TIP #1             –  Never underestimate the value of warming up before you play. First- stretching is a good idea for all players before disc golf.

 Some putts, a few mid range shots and at least a few drives will have you ready for your round. If you are not doing some of these thing than you could lower your scores by 4 shots per round. (Just kidding. Not.)

              AMS TIP #2          Improving at disc golf is not going to happen on it’s own. If the sport is just a fun game for you and you enjoy it that way, then all is well, but if you really want to improve, I suggest you look at the five basic elements of disc golf- Driving/putting/midrange game/mental/physical, and try to improve each one a little bit at a time. Be patient and committed and you will improve by 7 strokes per round. (Ok- I made that up, but you know I’m right)

             Pros Tip #1                Keep fresh mentally by learning more about the mental game each year. It’s like practice, you need to feed and strengthen your mental capabilities.  (or you’ll be feeding me some of your money, I hope)

                                                      DISC GOLF RULES!

Here’s an abreviated version from the PDGA rule book on player conduct:

   801. Conduct of Players

  801.01  Courtesy

           A. Players should not throw until they are certain that the thrown disc will not distract another player or potentially injure anyone present.

            B. Players should take care not to produce any distracting noises or any potential visual distractions for other players who are throwing.

            C. Refusal to perform an action expected by the rules, such as assisting in the search for a lost disc, moving discs or equipment, or keeping score properly, etc., is a courtesy violation.

            D. Players are responsible for the action of their caddies.

            E. Littering is a courtesy violation.

                                                             LAST WORDS

                        It’s fun to be back and while I didn’t mean to leave you hanging, the hackers came in and made a mess, and then the golf season came into full swing when I don’t write as much. Thanks to the great powers, Charlie M, that is, and the CNYDGA, I am back in my corner, writing about America’s favorite sport, disc golf.

              Gary Crowley – Professional Disc Golfer Since  2005



















































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