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        Welcome to Crowley’s Corner, the place for disc golf players everywhere….

Issue #012 will look back at 2011 and have some of the regular features of the column, so relax and enjoy while in between rounds of disc golf.

 Let’s start with some quotes.

    ********************DISC GOLF “QUOTES”

   Harvey Penick is a well known golf teacher and Author from the ball golf world. Here are a couple quotes from Harvey from his Little Red Book:

 “I can’t say it too many times. It’s the most important advice in this book. Take dead aim. Make it a point to do it every time on every shot. Don’t just do it from time to time, when you happen to remember. Take dead aim.”

 Also from Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book:

Two of Jack Burke’s 29 Maxims can be used in disc golf.

#6.       Picture a shot going perfectly to the line.

#13.    Picture the shot as you would like to see it.

   ********************O-ELEVEN FLIES BY

                 Two Thousand and Eleven was a year of big moments that did and didn’t happen. A year of suprises and amazing moments. Here’s a look back at some of things that made the year 2011 one to remember.

 First, Worlds in Rochester, a special week for local Amateurs to play on all the home courses in Rochester and enjoy the special treat of playing Worlds near home. 

 It was one of the best, so how about a Worlds….. Ticker…….

Huge players meeting…… Huge Flymart…. Free stuff/Great deals……Nite golf event has discs throwing across the river…….. Putting contest in the hotel, up and down escalators and near chandeliers…….Tons of people watching and trying to follow the layout …….Hotel Classy…………Awesome view of City and river…….Players party at Stadium and players throwing discs OUT of the stadium…….Secret layout at the final 9………Picturesque with water and OB everywhere……Huge crowds of people…..Exciting when every shot counts…..

 Big moment that DID happen- Rochester’s Melinda Apton took home the Amateur Womens Disc Golf World Championship.

Big moment that DIDN’T happen- Dan Hasting not winning Worlds after leading most of the week and the final day.  ( Still proud of the home boy ’cause 2nd at Worlds is REAL good)

 Pro Worlds saw Nate Doss make his place in disc golf history by winning his Third World Title. And he may not be done yet.

Great moment that DID happen- On, video, an Ace at Worlds from out on the dock to a basket on land with ALOT of people watching.

Great moment that DIDN’T happen- Valerie Jenkins lost to first time winner Paige Pierce near the end or we would have had our Mens and Womens World Champions- a couple.

Great Moment that DIDN’T happen #2- Ken Climo did not play Worlds for the first time in like 22 years, due to an injury.

  It was the 10th Annual Central New York Disc Golf Championships this year. Shows some longevity for the local PDGA event and a tribute to the people who started it (Sam Meggs and myself) and kept it going over the Years (Don and Wendy Courbat, Larry Oyler and Eric Tripanny).

 Here are the first 10 Central New York Disc Golf Champions:

2002- Gary Crowley (Amateur Champ- no pros that year)

2003- Matt Fitzwater           2004- Bob Honch              2005-  Hank Foss  

2006-John DeBois                2007- Gary Crowley        2008- Eric Tripanny

2009- Gary Crowley            2010- Mike Falconio         2011-  Billy Sivils

Leagues-       The main league for CNY was a travel league playing at Jamesville Beach, Oxbow Falls, Clay Park and TC3. Eric Tripanny won the points battle over myself in second and Dee Cameron taking third. Greg Meitus did a great job as League Director for 2011 and had a fun finals at the end.

  Amazing throw:  Troy Widden at Hyzer Creek #12, reaching just past the creek and estimated to be a 600 foot throw!

Amazing Ace: Scott Purdy making an ace at Worlds!

     *******************DISC GOLF RULES!!

                      From the PDGA Tour Player’s Handbook:

      8.4         Carts and Caddie Policy

    8.4.5      For those players wishing to use a carrying device, approved carrying devices include golf bags, foldable chairs and pushcart companions. No motor or animal driven or bicycle type devices shall be allowed at all PDGA National Tour and Major events, and are not recommended at PDGA Super Tour events.

  9.             Miscellaneous

  9.2          Players are not permitted to have active cell phones, animals or audible pagers on the course during any competetive round.

   ********************CROWLEY’S DISC GOLF TIPS

                 It’s no wonder my golf bag is so heavy. Some of these rounds can be quite long and it’s nice to have what you need to make yourself comfortable and be ready for whatever happens on the course. Here’s what I gotta have when I play in a tournament:

 Discs.  Six drivers, two mid ranges and two putters. That’s 10 discs, essentially what I will need, but wait. There’s more.

 I need mini’s and some extra ones, and pencils, and scorecards, and extra towels in plastic bags. Throw in some hand warmers and rulebooks along with a small container of candy.

 I also like to take some fruit like apples and gotta have my coffee jug along with a bottle of water or two and an icepack to keep it cool since I usually don’t drink any for awhile.  Bag getting heavy yet?

 Add a raincoat and or an extra layer of clothing and my chair and we’re just about ready for hole one.  I already have on my cletes and visor along with my belt clip for my towel. I also have pre-worn my seal skin sox to keep my feet dry most of the time. Bringing an umbrealla is just about out of the question. Masters players usually have thier advil and bandaids as well. Sometimes I even have a golf ball or a tennis ball for throwing at discs caught up in trees.

 Funny thing is, I used to play with just one Frisbee. Learn what works for you.

 ********************RANDOM THOUGHTS ON GOLF

                        In no way am I in favor of the new format at the United States Disc Golf Championships in Rock Hill. You’re taking one of the best formats in disc golf and replacing it with some sort of handicap system?

 What happened to my favorite slogan- “One Division, One Champion? A special tournament made for the elite player that can BE the best that week. Looks like the Champion is now the guy who plays over his head that week instead of a test of the best.

 Former winners are: Ken Climo- 5 times.  Barry Schultz – 3 times. One time winners are Doss, Feldberg, Locastro and Schusterick.

And now…the 2011 United States Disc Golf Champion is John Key, an 880 rated player who battled it out with a 918 rated player for the title. This is the United States Disc Golf Champion?  Uh…okay. Not.

 Congratulations are due to Mr. Key for his Historic “Format” Victory. As for having his name along side Climo and Scultz, this is an insult to the real champions of disc golf.

 I’m never gonna get it. Scrap it USDGC, this is a doinker.

                       Gary Crowley – Editor and Writer of Crowley’s Corner

                      2011 April Showers Masters Champion

                      2011 Roc The Worlds Masters Champion






















































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  1. Sam Meggs
    Posted November 16, 2011 at 6:34 pm | Permalink


    Miss you guys a lot. I really haven’t played disc golf in around six years. I do teach at my school and we are still trying to a course built here in Nortern Manitoba. Thank you for remembering my contributions to disc golf in Central New York.


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