A Bakers Dozen Ways to Improve

Welcome to Crowley’s Corner, the place for disc golf players everywhere….

          Issue #013 will offer 13 ways to improve your game. We’ll also have some of the regular features of the column so enjoy while waiting to play your next round of disc golf.

Here are some quotes to start it off with:

**********************DISC GOLF “QUOTES”

 More nuggets on the mental game from around the world:

“Golf will not allow you to be any place other than exactly  in that  moment”

                                                                                  -Susan Anton- Actress and golfer

 “Accept that some things are not in your control

                                                                               -Notah Begay – Pro Golfer

Performing at peak  level is a combination of mind and talent

                                                                             – Andy Williams – Singer and golfer


 *********************A BAKERS DOZEN WAYS TO IMPROVE

 Only the number thirteen can evoke the thoughts of doom and unluckyness more than any other number. Though I don’t believe in curses and such, it’s kind of been an unlucky year in alot of ways for me, so rather than take any chances, I figured it would be better to embrace it, than to fight it. For issue #013  we have 13 ways to improve at disc golf.

Way #1  is  practice.

The best way to get better at disc golf is to practice. You knew that right? Playing is practice, so just playing or playing more will help you improve at disc golf. Sorry, no shortcuts. The more you practice, the better you will be at anything.

 Way #2 is putt more.

 If you spend some time putting on a regular basis, you will not only be a better putter, but a better player. This is probably the best way to lower your scores. Just think what would happen if you make 3 more putts PER ROUND.

Way #3 is to do some excercise and stretch.

 If your body is in better shape, healthy and free of pain, you will play your best golf. And last longer in the late stages of the round.

Way #4 is to add some strenth.

 Adding footage to your drive can really make your putts alot closer, where it counts. Do not attempt to add strength unless accuracy is a prority to your driving game. Even your mid-range game can benefit from some added strength so don’t hesitate if you want to improve.

Way #5 is to learn more about the mental game.

 It takes years  to develope a strong and effective mental game so you may as well get started. Learn to be positive and have fun while playing in tournaments. Have a pre-shot routine that helps you focus on the next shot.

Way #6 is to develope a pre-shot routine that works for you.

 This is part of the mental game so figure out what it is that helps you get focused in order to play disc golf at your best. Pros will learn how to have a  narrow focus that allows them to adjust and cope under any condition in order to make the next shot a good one.

Way #7 is to have fun.

When  you are enjoying disc golf you play better. It’s a game and games are played to have fun. Having fun helps you play good, which is fun(which helps you play good).

Way #8 is to have confidence.

 Confidence helps you play well and playing well gives you confidence (which helps you play well). How do you get confidence? See Way #1.

Way #9 is to play challenging courses.

 Play a variety of courses with water and out of bounds challenges. Eventually you will have more confidence in these situations and you will play better.

  Way #10 is do something for disc golf.

 This one has no guarantee but has a pretty high success rate. Doing it for the sport is doing it for yourself. You’ll feel better and people who feel good about themselves are better players. Disc golf Karma is known to be reliable.

Way #11 is to get more rest.

When rested you are fresh and ready to play at a higher level. Especially later in the rounds when it’s all on the line. Your thinking is even better which helps your decision making on the course.

Way #12 is to play in competetive events.

 A good way to improve is to join your local club and get a PDGA membership number. Figure out what division is best and play in some events that require PDGA sanctioned rules. This will give you some experience in competition, which is helpful to your game.

Way #13 is to have a good warmup when you play.

Rushing to hole #1 may get you done faster, but if you want to put lower scores on the card, warm up before you play. Play 4 or 5 practice holes or at least do a few putts, drives and mid range shots before starting.

Way #14 is commitment.

(It was suppose to be 13, but for reading the ‘Corner, here’s an extra “Way”)

 Commitment. If this is something you don’t have, then you can improve greatly. This is going to be the biggest factor in improvement. If you’re committed to disc golf and committed to improving, it will happen.

 So, just play more, learn more, have fun and be committed.

You’ll be confident while having fun being a better putter who warms up and is committed to getting more rest for playing challenging courses and competitive events.

                              (you may now rest your brain after that sentence)


**********************DISC GOLF RULES!!

 From the PDGA Rulebook:

Unplayable lie: A lie from which a player decides that obstacles to stance and throwing motion make it impractical or unsafe to attempt a throw. The lie is relocated with penalty.

Out of Bounds: An area designated by the director prior to the start of play  from which a disc may not be played. The out of bounds line extends a plane vertically upward and downward. The out of bounds line is itself out of bounds. An out of bounds disc is not a lost disc.

Group: The competitors who are assigned to play a round together for the purpose of verifying scores and proper play in accordance with the rules.

 Provisional Throw: An extra throw, agreed upon by a player’s group, that is not added to a players scrore if not used in the completion of a hole (when there is a disputed ruling).


**********************RANDOM THOUGHTS ON GOLF

When I first got involved in writing I wasn’t sure where it would take me, but I knew I was in for a journey. That journey took me to disc golf, and for me, the rest is history.

I started out writing some freelance articles and then, what began as a writing project about disc golf, led to writing the proposal to install the first disc baskets at Green Lakes in 1998. I then started the CNY Disc Golf Magazine in 1999 and  Crowley’s Corner in 2010. Here we are 12 years and 20 magazines later, still golfing …..still writing.

           Still on my journey….

                           It’s fun to write about America’s best sport, disc golf!

                                      Gary Crowley – Editor and Writer

      Disc Golf Writer since 1999 / Professional Disc Golfer since 2005

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