Winter Golf is a Cool Sensation

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Edition #002 will look at the advantages of playing in the the winter as well as some of the regular features of the column, so enjoy, while waiting for your next round of disc golf. Time for…


- “To watch the power, precision and grace of Ken Climo in action is to understand why he is perhaps the best disc golfer to to ever play the game”       -From the Disc Golf Hall of Fame

-“Disc Golf is my life, seldom is there a life so gratifying, please share it with me”.    -Steady Ed Headrick PDGA #001


In so many ways, the winter golf experience can be just the adventure to keep your game from getting stale.

While waiting for the annual glacier to melt, some people shut it down for 5 months.

Here are a few good reasons to get out when you can in the winter:

  • When the better weather comes along, your game hones in as well.
  • Enjoy less of an off-season, and a continuation of  progress toward better golf.
  • It’s fun and and helps you appreciate the good weather.
  • On a warm day in January you feel like you’re “getting away with something”.
  • Seeing some of the landing marks and designs in the snow is really neat but also helps you understand how a disc brakes and slows down.

Preparation is key when you go out there, so  here’s some tips to take with you for winter play.

Staying  Warm:

  • Layers and hats and gloves are great. You can also wear a visor under your winter hat.
  • Take some hand warmers and wear extra sox and a turtle neck.
  • Warm coffee or hot chocolate fits your golf bag with the right size thermos.
  • It gets really windy but unless you wear a ski mask, your face is about the only place that gets cold if you bundle up enough. While walking, you can even use a disc to protect your face from wind chill.

Playing Tips:

  • The hand warmers are great if warm up the spot on your disc where your grip goes, especially on the drives.
  • Be liberal about where you allow players to tee from if there are safety concerns.
  • Duct tape ribbons on your disc if the snow is deep. It helps you find your plastic and doesn’t effect the flight much.
  • Certain times you can really skim across the snow for extra yardage.
  • Turn your disc over and slide down the hill like a sled, or make a tombstone landing near the basket on your prescription online approach, without skipping away.

For those who can’t wait around for spring, winter golf is a cool sensation to fill the gap ’til the good times come.


Excessive time is not only against the rules but can also be a distraction to the players in your group.

Most players have a preshot routine that is within the constraints of the PDGA rulebook:

801-03 Excessive Time

A.  A maximum of 30 seconds is allowed to each player to make throw after:

1. The previous player has thrown; and

2. The player has taken a reasonable time to arrive at his disc and mark the lie; and

3. The playing area is free and clear of distractions.

Remember- these are for PDGA tournaments.  Know the rules and expect to play by them in real tournaments.  Also, a Certified Official must carry the rulebook and can show you the rules at anytime.


In order to figure out where you’re going, you first have to figure out where you are.

As I look at disc golf at the local, State and National levels I see different things. But the common thread all three share is the tremendous growth the sport has seen around the world. More courses, more players, more tournaments.

The PDGA is now entering it’s 34th year and continues to enjoy a sizeable annual growth. Always on the verge of the mainstream, to me there is no doubt it will burst at the seams at some point.

New York’s has some courses that can rank with some of the best, and a rich, long history of disc golf that goes back to the beginning. NewYorker’s should be proud of the history in places like Rochester but also begin and maintain our own history locally.

It’s already happening, as the history CNYDGA is now going into it’s 11th year.

Founded in 1999, the club has grown into a functioning entity, capable of hosting States in it’s tenth year.  Many of the members have been around since day one and can be rewarded with the fact that more players are enjoying disc golf in Central New York than ever before.

This common thread of growth is picking up speed, and this could mean exciting times for those who enjoy disc golf. Be a part of it, ching some chains today.

Gary Crowley- Writer and Editor/Crowley’s Corner

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    yo bro, nice job on edition 2. i really enjoy the “quotes” , the tips, history and the humor! Way to go, i know this is something your going to enjoy for years to come. Love ya

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