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Welcome to Crowley’s Corner, the place for disc golf players everywhere…..

Edition #003 will take a look at all aspects of your golf game and try to  improve each one. We’ll also have some of the regular features of the column and something new- the “Disc Golf Ticker… so relax and enjoy ’til your next ace attempt. Time for:


What an honor and a joy it is to be associated with a sport as great as disc golf. I would personally like to thank all of the hard working people who make the sport go and grow.”       -12 Time World Champion and Hall of Famer Ken Climo


Reading the ‘Corner should be an informative, enlightening experience, so here are some tips that can help each part your game improve:

Breaking down the game helps you concentrate on the components of disc golf that can be learned and improved. Let’s start on the teebox.


– Beginners should learn to throw flat and straight before attempting long throws. Think of throwing along a long, flat table to the basket. Or pretend the basket is a person, and throw it to them.

-Ams should concentrate on accuracy over distance, and learning a pre-shot routine that will prepare them on the teebox.

Pros- Assess the situation and conditions and let your pre-shot routine prepare you for getting the most out of your drives.


A sharp approach game puts the disc in putting range for easy birdies and pars.

-Beginners should try to make forward progress on each shot, and when you get close enough, practice your accuracy with any midrange throw or putt.

-Ams should try to park the shot if you can reach it. You’d be amazed how smooth your putting can be if you can get it in your putting range.

-Pros need pinpoint accuracy on their approach shots and this takes lots of practice.

-Sometimes the appraoach comes down to making the right disc selection. Learn your power so that overthrowing or underthrowing doesn’t occur. Also, know and play your landings so that the disc ends up where you want it.


Now it’s time to putt the disc, the best part of disc golf. Every hole on every course ends with the sweet sound that makes disc golf special- CHING!

Putting is the challenge that makes the sport incredibly unique.  To hit chains and hole out into the basket is to be finished, and to be successful.

How about some putting tips


-Practicing  is the best possible way to improve.


– Practice from a range that you can make, as well as further out, and eventually you’ll gain more confidence from further out. Include warm-up putting before rounds for a better start and when practicing, make all your missed putts so you are not afraid of the “comeback” if you miss the first one.


Have a practice routine that is diversified. Practice a variety of putts like the straddle, knee and turnaround. Also try putting in a  sequence where you make two putts at each spot.  It helps you prepare for each putt while the second putt reinforces the first good putt. Also quality putting practice where you measure progress is best, over mindless, endless putting. By keeping percentages, you can also measure your improvements.


One of the most important parts of the game is the mental game.

Basically, the better you focus, the better you play. Some players have a strong mental makeup that can separate them from the pack. Improve your mental game and you will be better when it counts.

Beginners- the cool thing for beginners is that you don’t need to worry about  having a mental game. Just have fun and enjoy playing disc golf.

Ams: For casual play your mental game doesn’t have to be “on”. You are having fun, first. But if you want to work on your mental game, develope a short, pre-shot routine that gets you ready to throw each time.

Think about what you want your shot to look like. Visualize it and try to do it.

You are thinking about the length, conditions, and what kind of throw you need RIGHT NOW.  Disc golf is all moments, and what you need to do RIGHT NOW. Learn to focus and get your mind ready to make your body do what it wants to do RIGHT NOW. Staying focused on your next shot is always a good plan so that whatever happens, good or bad, you focus on the next shot, instead of a previous bad throw, good thow, winning, or the ‘other guy’.

You want to stay positive and practice it so that when (not if) you make a bad throw, you move on quickly to the next one. Recovery is challenging and fun, and an opportunity to make a great shot.  Or this may be the time to pitch it out and play safe. Your mental game will allow you to stay cool and make the right decision at any time.

Pros- It takes years to develope a strong, reliable mind game. Even then, you must feed and foster that mental side  in order to perform at your very best. You can’t just read a book and the next day BANG- ,  but if you learn more about the mental game and  take it to the course, eventually, you will be able to perform at higher levels.


Working out can benefit any player, but since I am neither a trainer or a doctor, I can only tell you that if you find the right workout to do and do the right amount, you can improve your game by getting stronger.

I would suggest starting out small and slowly you can do more weight. It’s up to you how hard you want to work in this area, but if you can throw just 10 feet further, it pays off when you get to the basket. That 40 ft putt is a 20. And that 20 is a ZERO.

Good luck in improving the different componants of your game. Just playing more helps you improve so get out there to  the courses that challenge you.


Ken Climo tops the World in the final ratings for 2009……Is that Kim Scottwood on the cover of the new PDGA rulebook?………You now need to pass a quiz to play in a National Tour event……State Championships are at Warwick in April…..Welcome to the PDGA, Lucas Basillio, age 2, PDGA #42392……Chainkits possibly coming to local courses….Nominations underway for CNYDGA elections….Worlds invites due to be announced Feb 15…..2010 Pro Worlds in Indiana……..Ams in Ohio………2011 Am Worlds to be held in Rochester New York…..Bobby Jones leads NewYork in ratings, money earned, and WINS in New York for 2009.


My thoughts right now are on the upcoming season. Soon we’ll be playing tournaments and I can’t wait. I’ve been working hard over the winter and so far hard work has never failed me. I look forward to 2010 with excitement, so for now keep chinging chains and I’ll catch you on the next round.

It’s an honor and a pleasure to write about it, a joy and a challenge to play it. The fire that burns within me, the passion that motivates and defines me- Disc Golf.

Gary Crowley –

PDGA#15889/CNYDGA #001

3- Time CNY Disc Golf Champion (2002/2007/2009)

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