Disc Golf Loses Local Icon Bill Jones

Welcome to a special edition of Crowley’s Corner, the place for disc golf players everywhere……

Edition #010 will be dedicated to Bill Jones, whose passing on December 15 was not only  a loss for his family and the sport of disc golf, but the loss of a genuine American hero.

Disc Golf Loses Local Icon Bill Jones

By Gary Crowley

Bill Jones, CNYDGA #004,  was a longtime supporter of disc golf over the years, sponsoring holes at Green Lakes (#4) and Jamesville Beach (#1).

A true pioneer and local disc golf legend indeed, he went to meetings, wrote letters and even stopped up to the courses to help out on workdays. Did I mention that he’s doing all this while pushing 80?

Disc golf is “tremendously therapeutic. Being outside and enjoying the parks while getting exercise is a two-way benefit”, he’d say. “I’m an activist for the game”

Bill also has an interesting personal history. His early work at GE in Syracuse  is chronicled in the Annuls of the History of Computing for creating one of the first operating systems ever for excelerating the process of missle test data for ICBM guidance systems. This helped keep the United States a leader in technology and a stronger nation.

I was lucky to have a longtime friendship with Bill, who asked me to lead the project at Jamesville Beach when his persistance got us in the door for a second chance proposal. Before that he supported me on the first course proposal at Green Lakes and during my endeavors as CNYDGA Co-Founder and Club President from 1999-03. I wrote a profile on Bill in Issue #004 of my first publication,  the CNY Disc Golf Magazine.

I felt he understood me when he said I “played every round like it’s a tournament”, but when he said of my golf that “all my lies are true”, I knew he trusted and respected me.

You know Bill Jones as a low-key guy, but he’d do battle for disc golf.

Thanks Bill for being a friend to disc golf, but more importantly, for being a friend. You’ll be missed.

Gary Crowley       Editor- Crowley’s Corner

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  1. Karen Wise
    Posted January 26, 2011 at 12:54 pm | Permalink

    Gary, Thank you for a lovely tribute to my Uncle Bill.

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