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Edition #008 features an article combining disc golf with some of your favorite rock bands. We’ll also have some of the regular features of the column, so relax and enjoy while waiting to make your next throw.


Quit your job, play disc golf”    –   Mace Man

“30 Years of quality and consistency  ”   –   Discraft

“#1 in Discgolf”  –   Innova

“The company that brought you disc golf”    –   Disc Golf Association

“The World’s Premier Destination For the Sport of Disc Golf”  –   The International Disc Golf Center.


Whenever you combine disc golf with music, there’s bound to be some surprises, so tune in for a journey through golf with your favorite roc bands.
Some even remind you of local players, like Johnny Cash for Bobby Jones or Eddie Money for Billy Sivils. How about Louis Armstrong for Eric Trippany?

Anyway, this battle of the bands could have Alice in Chains against The Eagles, or the Spinners against Spyro Gyra.

Just one question, can you Fly like an eagle, or are you just Learnin’ to fly?

Sometimes you just want to Earth, wind and fire away, but don’t do a Bachman Turnover drive because your Air Supply will run out and you won’t be quite the Aerosmith you thought you were. People will think it’s a UFO that landed in the Bush near some Styx.

So don’t Rush your shot and don’t worry about Jane’s Addiction to disc golf unless she starts to lose Money, in which case you won’t get a Nickelback. Just throw it like it has Wings and you’ll be able to Kiss the chains with ease, so get out there to your favorite course and Ace Frehley.


804.09 Officials

A. To be eligible to serve as an official, an individual must have demonstrated his or her knowledge of the rules by passing the Official Qualification’s Test. The test must be retaken each time the rules are updated.

B. Director’s are required to pass the Official’s Qualification Test.

C. Each official must carry a valid PDGA Official’s Liscence and a copy of the rules.

D. Officials may actively call any violation they witness. If an official competes in the tournament, he or she may not officiate over a dispute in his or her own playing group or a dispute that clearly impacts his or her own relative position in the tournament. Officals are impowered to add penalty throws to a player’s score in accordance with the rules.


Eric Mcabe and Sarah Stanhope win their first World Titles in Indiana….Brad Hammock wins Masters for a 6th time and Greg Hosfeld repeats in Grandmasters…….Eric Trippany launches a disc over 600 feet, overthrowing Hole #18 at Jamesville!…….Alex Coranado and Pat Hovey go NINE DOWN in best shot doubles at Emerson………..KC Cummings wins 2010 Wishing Well at Oxbow…………tree RETURNS to hole #11 at Oxbow……….teepads going in at Clay Park…….


It’s fun to write a goofy article once in awhile (Ace Frehly Kisses Chains), something that doesn’t have to make complete sense, or follow the normal rules of writing. I look forward to more senseless columns while attempting to “Educate, inform and enlighten” people about America’s best sport- disc golf.

Gary Crowley – Professional Disc Golfer since 2005

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  1. Nick DeGroff
    Posted September 10, 2010 at 9:13 pm | Permalink

    Yeah..that’s awesome!!!

  2. Scott Purdy
    Posted October 3, 2010 at 7:30 am | Permalink

    Good stuff thanks Gary!

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